Who we are


Our training environment is welcoming, professional and ego-free nonetheless focused on mutual learning and accomplishment. Our training staff is certified and pays attention to your individual requirements with dedication.We have training sessions for and enlightened parent, atotal beginner or advanced pro, all we are looking for is craving and enthusiasm to learn.


They are reliable and share a great rapport with everyone.Our trainers are unceasinglyupdated with latest techniquesand style as they endure toimprove and learn by participating in ongoing training.


We offer you world-class learning environment.The success of our students speaks volume about our training techniques and theenvironment. We are best in what we do and we take pride in that.        
It is a place for no nonsense people. We welcome people who are as eager to learn as our trainers to help you learn.


We pride ourselves in world-class instruction with proven training system. Our place is not a fitment for people who want to prove themselves to someone else other than their own self. Our students range from white belt to black belts and professional athletes.


We are more than happy to take you in our training sessions if you have zeal and passion for learning, irrespective of whether you are an aspiring athlete or a total beginner. We welcome you wholeheartedly if you are interested in learning fully developed Grappling, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts programs that can stand alone or together.  


If you are preparing for competitions then we have just the kind of trainers you are looking for. Our trainers are with world-class MMA, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai credentials. Choose our training center if you want your kids to be confident and trained in self-defense. We make sure our sessions are productive yet fun loving for people who are looking forward to improving their fitness with the added bonus of self-defense.


91 Ballifeary Road,BAMPTON,EX16 1QQ